Your website serves as an important first impression that can make or break your potential to generate leads. The way your business communicates and appears online can have a significant impact on its perceived trust.

The easier it is for your target audience to engage with your website, the more likely they will take an interest in its content and trust your services.

At Clarity Creative, user experience is prioritized to design a strategic website that will be visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and clearly demonstrates the value your business has to offer.

Clarity Creative | Web Design in Metro Vancouver


To create clear websites for small businesses that will engage their audiences and help them grow


Small businesses providing quality services will receive the attention they deserve online


Empathize with your audience ​
Prioritize clear communication​
Collaborate to increase value
Clarity Creative | Web Design Services in Metro Vancouver


Nicole began creating digital content over a decade ago via blogging about her world travels. Her wanderlust also inspired Sisi Sote, a jewelry business she created her first “real” website for.

During the process of developing multiple versions (plus much trial and error), Nicole realized she really enjoyed learning about digital marketing, including strategic website design. Over the years, she has pursued both informal and formal training in this area.

Nicole is also a pharmacist. As a healthcare provider, her attention to detail and sense of empathy have transferred well into the digital marketing realm.

Apart from designing strategic websites to promote small business growth, Nicole loves exploring in nature – including the clear waters near home and abroad.

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